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Domain Registration in Bangladesh - Register your Domain Name in Bangladesh

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.com 1 year $11 $13 $10.91 Register
.net 1 year $12.046 $12.78 $12.84 Register
.org 1 year $12.19 $12.94 $13.00 Register
.biz 1 year $10.30 $19.81 $24.19 Register
.eu 1 year $8.46 $8.46 $9.72 Register
.info 1 year $18.60 $18.60 $18.69 Register
.xyz 1 year $3.28 $13.87 $15.92 Register
.top 1 year $12.64 $12.64 $14.53 Register
.me 1 year $35.37 $30.31 $41.35 Register
.us 1 year $8.40 $8.40 $9.65 Register
.mobi 1 year $31.58 $31.58 $36.86 Register

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Find the answers to frequently asked questions.

A domain name is similar to an online version of a physical address. It's how people will discover your website. Simply enter a website address into Google's search bar, and the top search result should be the website you're looking for. Riyahost.net is a domain name, similar to Google.com or Facebook.com. Domains should ideally be registered under the same name as the website or brand.

Domain names are essential for directing potential visitors to your website. We would be able to access websites only by entering their IP addresses if they did not have names assigned to them. Because an IP address is a string of numbers like, it is obvious that searching for a site would be difficult if we did not use domains to make things easier. It is much easier for people to search for websites and find what they are looking for online when keywords and brand names are added to domains.

No, once a domain name is registered, it cannot be changed. You can, however, buy a new domain name and redirect your website to it.

Domains must be registered for a minimum of one year. When you've found your dream name, Riyahost allows you to register TLDs such as.com,.net, and.org domains for three years. You can set up automatic renewal if you want to remain the current owner of your domain and ensure that it is always registered to you and your website. This renewal will occur after 1 or 3 years, depending on the domain registration period.

No. The www at the beginning of a URL is not part of your domain. This is a subdomain. If you put www in front of your registered domain name, the final website address would look like this: www.wwwexample.com. As a result, only enter the exact words that you want to appear in the domain.

There are no prerequisites for registering a domain with Riyahost. In the event of a problem, we only require basic contact information and a valid payment method. You don't even have to be a current customer to use Riyahost's domain checker and register a domain. You can point a domain registered with us to hosting that you own elsewhere.

Without a doubt. When you register a domain, it becomes your property, not the property of the hosting company with which you registered it. It is simple to switch your site hosting to Riyahost using our domain transfer service. We will walk you through the entire process.

Privacy protection is also known as WHOIS protection because it conceals information about the owner of a domain name that would otherwise be available through a WHOIS lookup. You can use privacy protection to replace your name, address, phone number, email address, and business name with a set of generic, non-identifiable data.